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    First Look Classroom:

    An Introduction to the

    Atlantic University Online Experience

    Welcome to the First Look Classroom!

    In this instructional classroom, new and prospective students can discover more about online learning at Atlantic University. Moodle classrooms contain weekly written and/or video lessons, as well as course syllabi and schedules. Students submit assignments via their online classrooms and interact with faculty and other students through discussion forums. In this First Look Classroom you will be guided through a typical Atlantic University classroom.

    Moodle is a Learning Management System that is used by 70 million people worldwide. It is designed to provide educators and learners with an integrated system to create a personalized learning environment. Using the First Look Classroom will not only give you the tools to manage your online studies, but you will also find other valuable resources needed to support you throughout your program. To get the most out of this resource, be sure to watch the informational videos, click through the modules, and read about the University’s policies. If you have any questions, please contact the Atlantic University Administrative Team at or 1-800-428-1512.

    Thank you for participating in the First Look Classroom.

    Atlantic University 

    • Before you get started

      Check to be sure your computer and internet meet the minimum requirements to use Moodle.

      Below is a link to a website where you can test your upload and download speeds. Don't despair if your computer doesn't make the grade. As you will see by the illustration below, you can still log on and have a decent experience if your computer comes up to the minimum requirements. Remember to write down your speeds if they are not 1.5 megabytes per second (mbps) or higher.

      But first — to test the speed of your computer click here.

      If your computer upload and download speeds were less than 1.5mpbs, please take a look at the illustration below. It lists the minimum upload and download speeds for a good experience. kbps means "kilobytes per second". Those are speeds slower than "megabytes per second".

      Minimum Technology

      Your browser must have Adobe Flash player installed.

      You can see that the minimum download is about three-quarters of a megabyte, and the minimum upload is about one third of a megabyte.  

      If you have slower speeds than the minimums but you are able to see the videos in this classroom, then you will probably be okay. 

  • Creating a Moodle Account

    Creating and Setting Up Your Moodle Account

    • This video will explain how to create a Moodle Account.

  • Logging into Moodle

    Exploring the Home Page

    • This video will go through the process of logging in and exploring the Home Page.

      Note: Some things may look a little different, but the basic information still applies.

  • Finding Your Classroom

    Discovering and Viewing Your Classroom

    • This video will show you how to find and enter your classroom.

  • The Atlantic University Classroom

    What does a typical Atlantic University classroom look like?

    • Let's take a look at a typical Atlantic University classroom. In this case it is a modified version of TS5000: Introduction to Transpersonal Studies.

      The General Section

      The Welcome Page and Syllabus

  • Reading Assignments

    Viewing Your Reading Assignments

    • Types of Reading Assignments

      NOTE: The video shows how to view and/or download a Word document, but the same applies to other files types as well, including pdfs and jpgs.

  • Weekly Lessons & Discussion Board Assignments

    What is a Discussion Board? What are Discussion Assignments?

    • These videos will demonstrate how to use the various features of a discussion forum.

      Posting to a Discussion Forum

      How to Reply to a cohort's post in a discussion forum.

      Tracking Unread Discussion Forum Posts

  • Submitting Writing Assignments

    How to Submit Writing Assignments to your Classroom and Mentor

    • This video discusses Writing Assignments and How to Submit them to your Mentor.

      NOTE: The video refers to Written Assignments, but the same applies to all file types, including pdfs and jpgs.

      Attention Mac Pages users, your mentor will require that all written assignments be submitted in Word format.  From Mac Pages, you need to 'EXPORT' the file to Word. 

  • Chatroom and Glossary

    Other Assignment Activities

    • Chatroom and Glossary

  • Grades

    Where can I find my Grades?

    • Viewing and Understanding Your Grades

  • Contact Us

    More Information and Assistance

    For more information about Atlantic University visit the AU website or contact us at or 1.800.428.1512.

    Moodle Tech support is available at