Topic outline

    • Teaching in Moodle



      If, after watching all of the following videos, you still have a questions send an email to or call Bobbie any day after 1:00 pm at 434-823-4542

      Tip on watching the videos:  You can change the quality of the image and enlarge it to full screen. After starting the video roll the mouse over the bottom part of the video and click on the icons as follows:

      Hit the "Esc" key on your keyboard (usually far upper left) to return to normal screen viewing.

  • The Moodle Home Page and My Home Page

    Logging in and exploring the Home Page and My Home Page.


    Entering Your Course and Adding a Calendar block.

  • Discussion Forums

    Using the Discussion Forums


    More on Discussion Forums

  • Copying and Pasting into Moodle

  • Sending Messages and Adding Notes

  • Modifying the Look of a Course and Adding a Resource or Activity

  • Uploading and viewing assignments

    Viewing, grading, commenting with no attachments sent to student.


    Viewing and grading assignments when sending a file back to student.

  • Using the Gradebook

    Exporting Grades to Excel

    • Changing the order of items in the gradebook.